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The Brown Box | Chef Travis Cummings

Chef Travis Cummings has had a love of truly good food ever since his mother first gave him the freedom of the kitchen as a child. Experimentation is in his DNA.

Having served in many areas of food service, including private catering, bartending, cheffing at well-respected eateries and just generally throwing a few things together to prove wrong someone's opinion of foods they thought they disliked, Travis knows his profession.

Chef Travis also believes in giving back. For many years, with no compensation or expectation of any reward, Chef Travis travelled the metroplex in search of fresh produce that might otherwise be tossed out. He would save that fresh produce, creating nutritious dishes for the homeless - dishes that went well beyond the swill served in the typical soup kitchen. Taking that concept a step further, Chef Travis served on the menu planning team and served as head chef for the well-respected Cathedral of Hope's iCare program, providing colorful, fulfilling, and well-planned meals for our friends and neighbors experiencing homelessness and/or food insecurity. 

Nowadays, as friends and acquaintances began placing demands on Chef Travis to create personalized meals to suit individual goals (weight loss, weight gain, glycemically-sensitive meals and similar), Chef Travis decided that it was time to launch a long-held dream of creating healthy, thoughtful, well-planned meals and delivering them to those who would be the most demanding - those who personally knew him. Using that model of trust, The Brown Box continues to grow, delivering ten full meals per week not only to private homes, but to office environments as well.

To find out more about Chef Travis Cummings, feel free to drop him a line simply by clicking on his name.