How to Order

The Brown Box | Brown Box Meals

Online ordering and delivery is available now at the Brown Box Meals Square store.

Delivered to your home or office, the five-meal Brown Box is $45*, with no delivery fee (although we do respectfully request that you tip your driver). Most of us spend that much standing in line for fifteen minutes to claim our morning latté.

Some of us spend considerably more than that for an artery-clogging meal at any random fast-food drive-through. Rarely do any of us receive this quality of food for this price, even within our own homes.

With The Brown Box, you receive a fully nutritious, chef-prepared meal comprised of the proper balance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates that suit your needs.

While we are looking to increase our physical radius of delivery, we currently deliver to the Dallas Metro area.

As always, please feel free to drop a line to The Brown Box or text/phone 469-335-4730.

*Ten-meal options available.