Are all 5 meals delivered at once?
Yes. All 5 meals are delivered fresh to your home or office at the same time, on Monday, as early as 1pm or as late as you need it to be.
Are they frozen or ready to heat and eat?
They are not frozen, but they are refrigerated and ready to be heated up. They do need to be kept refrigerated.
How are they packaged and do they take up a lot of refrigerator space? (especially if we order 10 meals).
The containers are microwavable, dishwasher-safe (we do encourage recycling for our "green" clients). They are each approximately 7x4x2.5 inchs and stack well. Ten meals would take up only about 1 cubic foot. We will gladly take back boxes and meal containers for reuse.
Is it just the main meal component or are there veggies too?
All meals are nutritionally balanced, with protein, vegetables and carbohydrates. Some days there may be more carbs such as a pasta day. To make up for such a day clients might see a lighter day that week with a doubling up of veggies, to balance out.
How long do the meals last? Can they be frozen of you want to extend the eating period?
Absolutely! The meals will stay fresh for up to 5 days in the fridge. Any longer than that and we recommend that you freeze them. It is unrealistic to think that nobody eats out ever. (Even our freezer is full of these same meals!) They will keep easily a few months in the freezer.
Great questions! Keep 'em coming!
Chef Travis
Brown Box Meals - Chef Travis Cummings